About Us
We buy waste cardboard boxes!


Established in 1985 the business was started with the aim of reducing the amount of usable boxes being destroyed.


Eco-friendly packaging supplies. We buy redundant boxes for re-use, the purest form of recycling!

What makes us different?

Traditional recycling companies take waste cardboard boxes and use machines to crush it into huge bales ready for pulping. Sometimes this is then shipped overseas (polluting the oceans and atmosphere) only for it to be turned back into what it was in the first place cardboard boxes. We cut all that nonsense out by rescuing them from the dreaded crushers so they can be reused as they are. We think thats got to be good for the environment! With the rise of online shopping and a shift away from plastic packaging the demand for cardboard boxes is becoming more popular than ever.

Does your business or place of work produce waste cardboard boxes?

If so we would love to hear from you. We buy redundant boxes for re-use the purest form of recycling. This also allows us to pay much higher rates than traditional recycling companies with no fluctuations in price. This process will not only save the boxes from being wasted it also saves someone else from having to buy new boxes, a double positive for the environment. So what are you waiting for contact us today to see how we can help.

Waste Cardboard Boxes Baled

How it works

We will arrange a price with our clients first depending on the size and quality of the boxes available. We would then collect the boxes on a schedule to suit the client and bring them back to our processing centre. Then we would pay the client via bank transfer.